Lawrence and a Book
Sword Guys is a fantasy / adventure / comedy webcomic that updates every other Monday.

Erik Holfelder and Jake Tallent write the story together. Erik draws the art, and Jake writes the scripts. Sometimes we call each other eek and Grimes, respectively, because we met on the Internet a million years ago and those were our sick Xbox Live gamertags.

By day we're IT salarymen; by night, we create worlds.

Follow us on the Tweepers: @jaketallent, @erikholfelder

eek has a Tumblr, for some reason, and a DeviantArt.

We also have a YouTube channel, where we're doing a dank Let's Play series of every game from our childhoods.

Sword Guys is something we feel we have to make, despite the questionable marketability of webcomics at this point. We hope someone out there might enjoy it half as much as we like making it. Banzai!